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Meet The Team

Bebe Meeks

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Hi everyone I am Bebe, Spirituality has always been a part of my life. Even as a young child I was able to see and understand things differently.  I have always felt like I had a special connection to the spirit realm and to nature herself.  As the years passed by and still to this day my connection  to the earth and divinity continues to grow. Practicing and evolving  my gifts and abilities within my craft. Educating myself through hands on experience, schooling, and other educational materials.  Always aiming to live a more holistic life finding solutions through the connection to earth, self awareness, and spirit realm.

                So, Who am I? I am a healer!

It's not what I do, but who I am it's a lifestyle. I have been called to assist individuals along their physical, mental, and emotional healing as well as their spiritual journey.  I help assist those who want ANSWERS, GUIDANCE, HEALING


I help in the healing process bringing about peace, less pain, and alternative out looks and solutions to achieve individual goals.  As a psychic, a spiritual holistic life coach and an intuitive medical  licensed massage therapist my gifts from divinity become my gift to you. Together we walk through the process of gathering information and understanding it. I then will create a plan tailored for you  to achieve desired results. So let's see what the options are together and begin the journey of healing the mind, body and soul.


Dr. Sunshine Gibbons


Josh Boling

Dr. Sunshine Gibbons is the Medicine Woman for our Temple. She holds a Doctor of Education degree which she has used for many years to help educate higher education students. She has expanded into a new realm of education and is now focused on teaching others about things of a spiritual nature. Over the past several years, Sunshine has been called to do extensive training in medicine space. She has been blessed to hold space for thousands of individuals, over the course of many Ayahuasca ceremonies. She has been honored with the opportunity to train with a Native Columbian Taita by serving on his facilitating team traveling across the state of Florida to provide access to this beautiful medicine. Dr. Sunshine also trained with a reputable Ayahusaca church serving as a lead volunteer in the space. She has experienced many different medicine ceremonies and has integrated what she learned into her medicine space. Dr. Sunshine received the call to serve our Sacrament after sitting with this medicine many times in Sacred Ceremony. She describes the call as an appointment and an anointment rom the Medicine and Spirit. She received a blessing from her ancestors to serve this medicine during a Sweat Lodge journey. With an Osage Grandmother and a Cheeorkee Grandfather, Sunshine is a Native who is passionate about bringing back ancient traditions. Sunshine is a Reiki Master and enjoys sharing this energy work with humans as well as animals.  She enjoys reading Tarot, leading CannaStretch, dancing the five rhythms, and screaming loudly. She loves praying her mala and being in stillness. She is an Alchemist and can many times be found playing with, imbibing, and transmuting energy. She invites you to find yourself, to fall in love with yourself, and to just be. A’Ho!


 Joshua Boling is a compassionate individual who finds fulfillment in helping others overcome their obstacles. He has a deep understanding of the human psyche and has honed his skills by working with Plant Medicine, which has transformed his life's trajectory. Despite having a Masters in Geology from the University of Kansas, Joshua realized that his true calling lay in supporting others, and he embarked on this path in 2019. Joshua follows the Vedantic tradition and works with Universal (Krshna) Consciousness to assist people in discovering their inner selves through mindfulness and coaching. He has gained extensive experience in holding space for Plant Medicine and has aided countless individuals in addressing various issues like anxiety, depression, dissociation, and more. Joshua is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner and incorporates the principles of Ayurvedic Living into his coaching practice, which helps his clients achieve optimal health and well-being. 

Patrick Gibbons

Patrick Gibbons holds only the distinguished honor to be the life partner of Dr. Sunshine Gibbons for nearly 30 years. Through first hand witness of her life and transformation using plant medicines and ancestrial practices, he was inspired to begin his own transformative journey. Along this path he has developed a close friendship with Josh Boling and Bebe Meeks. He shares in this groups vision of healing and connection for all seekers. He has personally worked with nature's resources in a medicinal setting for several years now. He has logged hundreds of hours holding space and tending fire in a ceremonial setting. His journey has brought him to an enlightened sense of connection with all things. His true calling is to assist all others in regenerating this ancient connection between not only all people but all that is. 

Sue Dolloff

Questions please text 321-443-1185

Sue Dolloff has been passionately studying various alternative healing modalities for over a decade. With a degree in psychology, she worked in the mental health field where she observed patients and found most were on prescription medications. These medications can mask their symptoms and shorten their life spans without addressing the root causes of their mental illness. She intuitively knew there must be an alternative way to help heal these patients. This inspired her to study alternative healing modalities. She first studied yoga where she obtained her 200 hour certification as a Yoga Teacher. She then went on to study Reiki energy healing and obtained her Reiki II certification. A few years later she was introduced to hypnotherapy and received her Certification as a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist from the International Institute of Hypnotherapy in Tampa. She also became  a certified practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) developed by the late Dolores Cannon. 


On her own healing journey, she became interested in plant medicines.  During an Ayahuasca ceremony she was introduced to Kambo for the first time. Her personal experience led her to pursue a greater knowledge of this medicine. She had been seeking treatment for years through western medicines for her diagnosis of Hashimoto’s, Epstein Barr, Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue and Depression with discouraging results. Some of the alternative modalities she had learned helped,, but found deeper, more profound healing with plant medicines.  Since her first introduction to Kambo, her symptoms of these dis-eases have decreased significantly and many are gone completely. The results she has experienced with the Spirit of Kambo led her to become a Kambo Practitioner certified by the International Association of Kambo. Her core mission is to share love, peace, joy and abundance with all of humanity, to raise consciousness and help relieve suffering of all beings. She is so very excited and honored to share Kambo with the Ancient Awakening Temple community.   

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