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              About Me &

       How I Can Help You

Hi everyone I am Bebe, Spirituality has always been a part of my life. Even as a young child I was able to see and understand things differently.  I have always felt like I had a special connection to the spirit realm and to nature herself.  As the years passed by and still to this day my connection  to the earth and divinity continues to grow. Practicing and evolving  my gifts and abilities within my craft. Educating myself through hands on experience, schooling, and other educational materials.  Always aiming to live a more holistic life finding solutions through the connection to earth, self awareness, and spirit realm.

                So, Who am I? I am a healer!

It's not what I do, but who I am it's a lifestyle. I have been called to assist individuals along their physical, mental, and emotional healing as well as their spiritual journey.  I help assist those who want ANSWERS, GUIDANCE, HEALING


I help in the healing process bringing about peace, less pain, and alternative out looks and solutions to achieve individual goals.  As a psychic, a spiritual holistic life coach and an intuitive medical  licensed massage therapist my gifts from divinity become my gift to you. Together we walk through the process of gathering information and understanding it. I then will create a plan tailored for you  to achieve desired results. So let's see what the options are together and begin the journey of healing the mind, body and soul.



How Do I Receive Messages 

I receive messages directly from spirit.  They are the

source of all information and I am simply the tool that information travels through, so that I may then communicate to you.  As a medium psychic I have been

blessed with the abilities to receive information from

the spirit realm through my clairvoyance, clairaudience,

and clairsentience abilities. (see tab above for definitions)

My preferred choice of divination is Auto Writing & Tarot.  Through its imagery and spirit communication I am best able to help guide you as you make decisions in your life.  In an average reading you will get the present past and future

in relation to your subject of choice. As well as the  guidance on how to proceed to have a more desirable outcome.



Areas covered include:

Any type Relationships including Romantic, business, family or friend




Career, Business , Job Goals  and decision making

Guidance on how to proceed in any area in life you feel stuck in



Inner Growth & 

Spiritual Development 

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