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"I can honestly say not only was the reading I had helpful towards me spiritually but emotionally as well I am at peace knowing I received accurate and useful answers , and I can see myself returning" ❤️- Kailyn

"Bebe is always on point! I Have gotten 3 readings from her on different occasions, always accurate 😁 I would refer her to everyone!!" -   Darian

"I'm speechless on how much  the information I received was  on point. This was a Really helpful reading and I would definitely  use her again..!!! "-Ashe

"I got a reading from Bebe and I could not be more pleased. She took the time to connect with the Deity with whom I feel a strong connection. I was floored to hear her use the exact words from a conversation I'd had with my husband! I have taken her advice and things are going great".-Katherine

"🔥😯🔥"When I wasn't sure whether I would land this new job I had been trying to get into, I had Bebe Meeks give me a reading about what my future would be holding, was having personal problems at my current job at the time and also with shady energy that seem to be surrounding me, I got a pretty accurate predictions and some helpful insight on my life and ended up getting the new position I was looking for!! 
Overall I would say the reading was rather enlightening and successful and would go back anytime I felt I needed clarity in my life, she's pretty good, don't know how she does it but she does it well lol" 
🔥😊🔥- Jerome

"I came to Bebe for some answers to questions that I just could not find the answer to. I chose her because I knew she was in tune with spiritual sources that could help shed some light on my issues. Bebe was very professional and organized, moreover, she was very engaged in our session and did everything she could to help provide answers. I liked the fact that she took her time to understand my questions before just jumping in and trying to find answers to things that were unclear to her. I recommend Bebe’s readings because it was a delightful experience and altogether very accurate".- Wesley

"Hi bebe this is my feed back on the reading you gave me so far its spot on I do stress and my son does seem to cope with his diagnosis. Up to this moment the mri is clear and their is no explanation for the out bursts. I think maybe its just ptsd. We will be getting him a wheel chair this week to help curb his pain. His legs are crooked but he doesn't seem to care, so you were spot on so far on how I am handling things how he would react, and how things would be ok even though they looked bad"- Nikkita