Coaching Readings Courses (Read below for Details)

Warning: !!!!!
Honesty is my policy, so if you decide to get a reading make sure it is because you are ready to hear the truth and facts surrounding your question, the information received is what will be given and its not always what you want to hear but its always what you need to know!  These Readings are meant for guidance not predictions. You are still Responsible for your Life and decisions.

      Holistic Lifestyle & Manifesting                   Mentoring/Coaching

 for Life/Spirituality/Relationships

Find internal peace and happiness.

Better understand yourself

Fine tune your connection to your intuition the earth and deity.

Improve your state of mind

Reach your Goals

Heal yourself

Change your life



 Psychic Tarot Readings

Focusing on Love, Career, Spirituality and more. 

Receive Guidance on all matters of life and answers to any personal question you might have!







Pile Of Books


I create tailord  personalized  lessons that can come with or without mentoring.

Subjects covered: 

Spiritual development

Manifestation/Law of attracton

Holistic lifestyle

Cultivating self love

Healing from trauma


and more...

Upper Back Massage
Acupressure Neck Massage

Intuitive Medical Massage Therapy
I am a licensed medical massage practitioner I have over 16 years of experience in this field.  I focus on pre and post surgeries, injuries and nerve entrapment.
 The style of work I do is unique in that I have school knowledge  that constantly gets improved and updated. 
I have years of hands on experience trying new modalities and seeing what does and does not work.
But, what really sets my work apart from the rest is that I have a special gift of being an intuitive medical medium.
What that means is I can communicate with your body to see, feel and understand where the pain is truly coming from and address the problem not just the symptomatic pain and issues it has caused. I work with your Chakras, meridian channels, and your physical body.  Giving me a much deeper understanding as well as tool box to work with to help you get the results you desire.   ma46654

Back Massage
Relaxing Massage