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            Ceremonial Plant Medicine Retreats

 These retreats are for those that are members of our Ancient Awakenings Temple of the Healing Arts church.  To learn more about our church click the link below. 



Pile Of Books


We create personalized lessons that

can come with or without mentoring.

Subjects covered: 

Spiritual development

Manifestation/Law of attracton

Holistic lifestyle

Cultivating self love

Healing from trauma


and more...


Integration, Spiritual Development, & Holistic Lifestyle            

 Find internal peace and happiness.

Better understand yourself

Fine tune your connection to your intuition the earth and deity.

Improve your state of mind

Reach your Goals

Heal yourself

Change your life



 Psychic Tarot Readings

Focusing on Love, Career, Spirituality and more. 

Receive Guidance on all matters of life and answers to any personal question you might have!







Warning: !!!!!
Honesty is my policy, so if you decide to get a reading make sure it is because you are ready to hear the truth and facts surrounding your question, the information received is what will be given and its not always what you want to hear but its always what you need to know!  These Readings are meant for guidance not predictions. You are still Responsible for your Life and decisions.
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