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Hapé Descriptions


Ancient Warrior

This blend contains Pixuri and Canela de Velho. Canela de Velho is a relative of cinnamon, giving this hapé a sweet flavor, bringing heat to the body and solar plexus. Use this hapé to aid with digestion, sinus problems, and headaches. This is a very strong hapé and can help initiate a purge when needed. 


Ancient Goddess

This blend contains pepper rose, star anise, and cinnamon. This powerful combination connects us to the Divine Feminine in all forms. This hapé will take you into the ethereal allowing for a deep dive into the Divine.


Ancient Cleanse

This blend contains organic Moi and ashes of Sapota and Peruvian mint. The mint clears and opens the nasal passages allowing one to move blockages more easily. This grounding hapé makes it an excellent choice for your morning routine.


Ancient Balance

This blend contains cinnamon, Pixuri, pepper rose, and star anise. This combination was created to balance the feminine and masculine energies that reside in all of us. This is a powerful ethereal blend so allow extra time for processing this beautiful medicine.


Ancient Fire

This blend contains pepper rose, cinnamon, and mint. Allow this heart opener to awaken the fire within as you connect with this enlightening medicine. 


Ancient Mother

This blend contains Canela de Velho and mint. This combination is intended to establish a deeper connection with Pachamama. Surrender to this medicine and allow your roots to grow deep.



This blend contains  Pixuri, star anise, Moi, and mint.

All Hape Blends Can Come in Both 10g. 20g.

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Love Donation $65.

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